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WIFI Module For SRNE Inverters


WIFI Module For SRNE Inverters MS-W-09

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1. Easy to use
Simple installation: plug and play.
Simple replacement loss: external plug type, no need to disassemble the equipment, safe and fast.
Simple configuration: proximal setting (APP), remote setting.
Simple maintenance: remote debugging, remote firmware upgrade (including inverter).
Easy to use: Power up first, the second step is networking, and the third is registration.
Convenient power supply: direct power from the device end, without an external power supply.
Simple barrier arrangement: direct light transmittance LED, intuitive understanding of the working state.
2. General
Device selection: Industrial grade device, workable in – 30 ~ + 85 °C for a long time.
Protection measures: Undervoltage protection + lightning protection design, software watchdog + hardware watchdog.
Stability mechanism: Heartbeat detection, networking retry, automatic repair of device disconnection.
Data security: Private protocol, data verification, network disconnection, and continuous transmission (Not afraid of network outages).
3. Flexible
Wide-pressure design: DC5~ 12V wide voltage design, built-in power supply reverse connection function.
Waterproof outdoor: IP65 protection class, suitable for outdoor environments.
Protocol adaptation: supports a variety of communication protocols automatic recognition and switching.
Remote and local: with the APP, remote and local monitoring can be realized simultaneously;
On-site matching parameters: With the APP, device parameters can be viewed and configured on-site.


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